Ecuador Living: Submission Guidelines

Ecuador Living supports the work of professional bloggers and freelance writers. Some 25 percent of our editorial content for each issue is reserved for emerging writers.

Submissions Guidelines:

  • All first-time contributors should include resume and all appropriate blog/web links with submissions or pitches.
  • Word counts from 500 to 1,250 words are accepted.
  • Original (not previously published stories) are preferred, however, a previously published blog post, or other story may be submitted for consideration. We do not accept stories previously published in other recognized publications.
  • Photos are encouraged with each submission (3 max), and must be high resolution.
  • Original graphic designs may be submitted for consideration.
  • EL accepts both pitches and completed first drafts. Pitches are encouraged. Acceptance is not a guarantee of publication.
  • EL follows the guidelines of the Associated Press Stylebook.Ecuador Living submissions guidelines
  • First submissions are not eligible for professional fee reimbursements, but are measured for reader activity. First-time contributors who generate significant activity become eligible for future opportunities and their subsequently published stories are eligible for a professional fee of up to $100 (U.S.) at the discretion of the publisher.
  • EL reserves full editorial privilege on all submissions.
  • All submissions/pitches receive a response within one week.

Submission Categories:

  • Expatriate profiles.
  • Entrepreneurial profiles.
  • “How-To” submissions. e.g., how to obtain a driver’s license, or purchase a vehicle.
  • Places to go. e.g., a day at Machalilla National Park.
  • Common misconceptions about life abroad, or expatriate living.
  • Top 10 Lists – e.g., top 10 things to see in Quito, or top 10 mistakes most new expatriates make.
  • Cultural Do’s and Don’ts, preferably a personal experience, or that of a subject you may interview.
  • EL accepts and encourages submission of high definition video clips of up to five minutes.
  • We are looking for full-time columnists or regular contributors in Quito, Cuenca, Guayaquil, Esmeraldes and Otavalo.